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Now What?: Real World Advice for Graduates (Paperback)

Now What?: Real World Advice for Graduates (Paperback)

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Sometimes, you need advice from people other than your parents, and Now What has all the advice and guidance one needs to enter the challenges of the real world. I have spoken at college campuses and can't believe how many students have no goals or any idea on what to do upon graduation. Now What covers topics such as interview preparation, setting goals, not letting anyone get in the way of your career, never to play with scared money, being the best at every job you have, be a great listener, be memorable, dress for success, investing advice, be highly creative, be a player not a victim, maintaining a positive attitude, not being afraid to fail, being decisive, and paying it forward to name a few. When I graduated West Virginia University in 1979, I started my first job out of college at WPLJ / New York City and showed up my first day in platform shoes and a plaid sport coat and basically got laughed at by my coworkers because I wasn't shown the way. This book will inspire you to take action and live the very best life you can live. Get out there and show them what you are made of and how special you are 

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