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Sunkissed Sandalwood - Textured Glass Candle with Lid

Sunkissed Sandalwood - Textured Glass Candle with Lid

SKU: 18167

Escape to sunny shores amidst swaying palm trees and cloudless blue skies. Sandalwood, amber, and tonka ground the sweet notes of coconut, vanilla, and orange. Made with a proprietary wax blend, ethically sourced containers and cotton wicks. Light one of these aromatic candles and transport yourself to a memory or emotion.

  • Directions

    Always burn on a heat resistant surface and trim wick to 1/4" before each use. Allow wax to pool to the edge each burn for maximum use and to avoid tunneling.

  • Fragrance

    Top: Orange, Coconut, Palms
    Middle: Coconut Husk, Violet, Patchouli
    Base: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Tonka, Amber

  • Details

    Up to 120 hours of burn time; white wax; 15 oz; textured glass cylinder with decorative label and matching glass lid; 3.8”D x 5.1”H; not tested on animals

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